Ordesa Food Solutions

Ordesa Food Solutions

Ordesa Food Solutions, part of Ordesa, was created to offer products according to client needs in an efficient and flexible way, based on its scientific knowledge and technological know-how.

Ordesa Food Solutions offers cereals for private labels and hydrolyzed cereals as ingredients for the food industry.

Laboratorios Ordesa has 2 pilot plants to carry out these objectives: one based on the Drum Dryer system and the other based on Spry Dryer system, which enable the company to manufacture products such as cereals, vegetables and milk formulae.

Ordesa Food Solutions is specialized in infant cereals and ingredients, and has successfully developed products in different areas of the food industry:

Children's foods: cereals, purees

Food for older people: cereals adopted for dysphagia and problems with chewing.

Special dietary needs: low-calorie and gluten free purees.

Ingredients: hydrolyzed cereals for the milk industry, infant formulae, desserts for caterers and foods for sportsmen.