Health and Safety

Health and Safety

At Laboratorios Ordesa, S.L. we have implemented a Management Prevention System with the main aim of safeguarding our employees’ health and safety.

We therefore support risk identification and evaluation per work position to help eliminate these where possible, or minimize their impact in order to prevent accidents and/or occupational illness.

We are committed to fulfilling the legal requirements and establishing and implementing procedures and safety regulations that aim to preserve the physical and mental health of our staff.

Those who collaborate with us must embrace health and safety regulations. We therefore implement a continuous training and information plan that makes them aware of the risks they are exposed to, as well as the protection measures.

Additionally, we support the Integration of Prevention into all our activities and on all hierarchical levels by defining functions and responsibilities that foster effective communication between levels, departments and employees.

We aim to foster a Culture of Prevention by guaranteeing continuous improvements in our Management Prevention System and encouraging active participation by our staff, providing the necessary resources to help ensure that all our objectives and principles are reached.