Blemil is an extensive range of infant formula milk, follow-on formula milk, growing-up milk and special milk, the result of years of research by Laboratorios Ordesa.

Undoubtedly, breast milk is the best choice for a baby's first months, but when this is not possible, a reliable and quality alternative is required to ensure an optimum intake of nutrients.

In order to reach this objective, Laboratorios Ordesa has especially created Blemil milk, formulated incorporating the latest scientific developments and paediatric research to achieve formulas right at the forefront of nutritional innovation.

That is what makes their composition unique. A blend of internationally renowned leading-edge ingredients that are a direct result of pioneering research into infant nutrition, continually working in harmony with the latest paediatric recommendations.

Blemil formulas are adapted to the degree of maturity of a baby's digestive system, providing the nutrients they need for optimum growth and development.

Their extensive range includes specific solutions indicated for babies with limited nutrient absorption, digestion or metabolism (such as allergies or intolerances), or those with mild digestive discomfort (colic, regurgitations, etc.).

Their easy preparation, ideal flavour and texture have made Blemil milk the preferred choice for many families worldwide. Thanks to their clinically-tested effectiveness.

*Improves infant development of the brain and the nervous system thanks to its
iron and alpha-linolenic acid content.

**Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system thanks to it vitamin C and D content.