Blevit offers a range of baby cereals and infant formulas adapted to the specific needs of babies, the result of years of research by Laboratorios Ordesa.

All Blevit cereals are produced through an exclusive process involving enzymatic dextrinization, which adapts the composition of the cereals to the digestive maturity of babies, in order to favour better absorption of nutrients and therefore provide an optimum nutritional intake.

Thanks to their variety and exclusive blend, they have become our little one's favourite cereals with delicious flavours and pleasing textures designed to satisfy the most demanding palates.

As well as promoting healthy growth, Blevit cereals provide a wide range of products designed to cover the nutritional needs during specific discomforts such as constipation and diarrhoea.

Their complete, balanced formulas favour the introduction of new foods in your baby's diet, helping to form good eating habits for the future.

Blevit infusions are instant, easy to prepare, and very helpful for treating digestive discomforts in infants. They alleviate colic and favour gas expulsion.

Their natural ingredients natural, based on plant and fruit extracts, have been rigorously controlled and especially selected for their healthy properties. Their delicious flavour also facilitates liquid intake, aiding rehydration.