Colnatur is designed to care for the joints, muscles, bones, teeth, gums and skin*

Their health-giving properties come from COLNATUR┬« collagen protein (natural, easy to digest and pure) with vitamin C. It is available in the form of totally soluble powder or in tablets.

These products are an aid to nutrition for people of all ages and for all situations, but they are especially suitable for certain groups of people and circumstances that require particular care of their joints, bones, muscles, teeth, gums or skin like:

The over-40s, especially women and seniors.,

Athletes, or those who do physical exercise or lift weights regularly

Among others.

Your COLNATUR┬« collagen is:

  • Natural: It comes from traceable, high quality raw materials: pork bone tissue and joints.
  • Pure: The production process is natural and does not use chemical substances, meaning that it does not leave chemical residues in the product.
  • Highly digestible. It has gone through a process of pre-digestion (hydrolysis) using enzymes like the ones used by our digestive system, making it highly digestible and available for our body.
  • Very soluble
  • One of the most neutral on the market in terms of taste and smell.