DONNAPlus+ is a range of products specifically developed for each stage in women’s lives. DONNAPlus+ provides solutions to help all women enjoy each moment to the full, the way they wish.

DONNAPlus+ is the brand for Women+ because:

When you are +, you ask for more from life. You enjoy your family more, you take your professional challenges further, and you get more out of your free time.

When you are +, you live more intensely, and your attitude and optimism become contagious for all those around you.

When you are +, you look after yourself better. You care more for your health and well-being. And that enables you to live with greater vitality and quality of life.

When you are +, you know more than anybody else, what you want and how you want it. You live more the way you want to.

Because when you are +, you know that more is always better. You are simply more.

For those women +  our products are classified into four different ranges:

Maternity: That extra plus to accompany women from the moment they choose to become mothers and throughout maternity, providing the tranquillity they need during this stage.

Intimate: That extra plus to improve women's daily well-being in situations when their intimate flora balance is affected.

Well-being: That extra plus to enable all women to continue at their regular pace at the time they most need to.

Maturity: That extra plus to help maintain energy levels and dynamism in women during menopause, so that they can continue being themselves.

Welcome to DONNAPlus+