Development of new products and ingredients

Development of new products and ingredients

At Ordesa, we aim to offer the most innovative and appropriate products for children and adult nutrition. To do this, our development department works along three main lines.

To update existing products in order to incorporate new features developed by our research teams, making our products increasingly better adapted to the needs of children and adults.


The development of new products to meet new nutritional market needs.



The adaptation of existing products to the specific needs of new markets in order to offer tailor-made products adapted to the nutritional requirements of each country.



To do this, we have a team of experts in nutrition and technology that enable us to work on more than 150 development projects per year. We also have two pilot plants where we can rapidly and efficiently test new concepts.

Dairy Pilot Plant

We own one of the most modern dairy pilot plants in the south of Europe. This pilot plant, located in Monells (Girona) has been constructed thanks to a strategic cooperation agreement reached with the IRTA (Institute for Agro-food Technology Research).

In this pilot plant, we can reproduce all the production processes performed at a milk factory (skimming, pasteurizing, sterilizing, drying in the drying tower, homogenization, etc.). This enables us to test new formulas using small batches easily, effectively, and above all, in a scalable way.

We use this pilot plant to test our own developments and those of other developers who do not have their own pilot plant and decide to hire ours. If you are interested in hiring this plant

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Drying Roller Plant Pilot

We also have a pilot plant to test products that require drying using rollers in their production process.

At this plant, we test new formulas as well as new thermal and enzymatic processes to adapt our products better to the nutritional needs of children and adults and technological needs.

This plant has enabled us to launch a series of new products in recent years, such as highly soluble cereals, natural powdered purées, Bio products, etc.