At Ordesa, we know that quality is the maximum guarantee in nutrition. That is why we work with raw materials that meet the strictest standards and regulations. As a result of this work and the integration of a continuous quality and improvement management system, as well as pharmacovigilance, we have been awarded globally recognized certification.

Quality control

In order to ensure the finest quality of our products, we perform exhaustive monitoring processes in all stages of production, from the reception of raw materials, manufacture and distribution, to their reception by final consumers, therefore guaranteeing total and absolute traceability.

Ordesa also has a specialized department to ensure that our products and processes reach the highest standards in quality and safety, now and in the future. The central pillar of their daily task entails the exhaustive monitoring of all stages in the manufacturing process. From the arrival of raw materials, promotional objects or packaging materials, to formulation, preparation and packing, guaranteeing the traceability of every piece of data, at all times.

Additionally, the Quality Control and Food Safety Department ensures that all the processes are updated as part of a Continuous Improvement strategy follow-up, allowing us to be more efficient, every day.

Above all else, we strive to reach the highest quality.

Food safety

The Quality and Food Safety Design department ensures that all regulations, protocols, and hygiene and safety standards are met in each and every one of our processes and working environments.

It ensures the correct fulfilment of good practices in hygiene and manufacture, establishes and reviews the environmental working conditions, updates and maintains the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), etc. These are the key elements that our Quality and Food Safety Design department rigorously monitors and manages.

At Ordesa, we work proactively in order to ensure that our products always reach the maximum food safety standards, based on the recommendations from European experts in this area, ensuring that our controls are updated continually in accordance with current legislation.

Laboratorios Ordesa also keeps an exhaustive control over the implementation of good manufacturing and hygiene practices at our supply centres, reviewing the operative and functional prerequisites. Only then can we guarantee the absolute safety of our products and of our promotional elements.

Certified Management

Applying, managing and following the strictest quality regulations and standards, has enabled us to position ourselves as worldwide leaders in the innovation, manufacture, and commercialization of our products.

See our quality policy:

Política de calidad (ES)

Quality policy (EN) 

Quality Management Systems

At Laboratorios Ordesa, we have integrated an exhaustive Quality Management System to ensure the quality of our products based on the application, management and monitoring of the quality regulations and standards. This has resulted in our being awarded the certifications in recognition of our work on a worldwide scale.

Certified Recognition

At Laboratorios Ordesa, we have numerous food quality and safety certifications, such as ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 22000:2005 certificates and IFS Food Version 6.1 at higher lever.

Certified Management

Responsibility and beyond

• Check the correct functioning operating of processes procedures and their documentation.

• Plan, coordinate and follow-up internal audits and those of our suppliers.

• Supervise corrective and preventive measures.

• Continual evaluation of suppliers with quality incidences.

• Coordinate working groups to implement processes, interactions and controls.

• Monitoring and analysis of controls and process indicators.

• Involvement of Management and the Food Safety Team (APPCC).