Scientific Alliances

Scientific Alliances

Catedra ORDESA for Infant Nutrition

In 2013, Laboratorios Ordesa created the first professorship specialized in infant nutrition in Spain, partnering with three of our country's most prestigious universities: University of Zaragoza, University of Cantabria and University of Granada.

The Catedra Ordesa represents an example of Laboratorios Ordesa's commitment to research and universities as key players in the development of knowledge. The main aim is to support advanced research in the field of infant nutrition, while simultaneously stimulating training, research, and innovation in a university‐company partnership.

The Catedra Ordesa headquarters is based in the University of Granada, and the Director is Dr. Cristina Campoy, full professor of the Department of Paediatrics at the University.

Membership of Scientific and Professional Societies

Laboratorios Ordesa maintains a continuous dialogue within the academic and professional spheres, fostering a scientific culture, sharing and inspiring future researchers in the field of nutrition and the improvement of the quality of life.

This continuous relationship with knowledge generation centres, scientific associations, and professionals from the health sector is the key to innovation and to helping position the company as a national and international benchmark.

Laboratorios Ordesa is a member of the following associations related to nutrition and research:

Scientific and professional societies

• Members of the FEN, Spanish Nutrition Foundation.
• Associates of the SEPYP, Spanish Society for Probiotics and Prebiotics.
• Members of the Bioinformática BIB Association, Bioinformatics Barcelona.
• Professional Societies in the field of paediatrics, gynaecology, geriatrics, and pharmaceutics.

Business Associations and in the academic field

• Members of the Spanish Platform "Food for Life" by FIAB, in the field of Nutrition.
• Associates of the AINS Food Cluster Business Association Innovating in Nutrition and Health.
• Founding Partner of AFBIA, Association for the promotion of Biotechnology in the Food Industry

Relations with Technology Centres

• Ordesa owns a Mixed Unit together with IRTA that holds their dairy pilot plant, located in the IRTA Centre in Monells, Girona.
• Members of the AINIA Technology Centre in Valencia.